Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alien Escape on WP7

Alien Escape is finally here!  

After a long hiatus from part time indy game making, I've finally squeezed in two months of dev time, called on some friends for some amazing tunes, gathered the my three kids for a round table storyline discussion, borrowed my mom and dad for some awesome graphics,  and Alien Escape was the result. This is by far the best game to date for DarkWheatGames. It's basically a shooter style game with a storyline. You get to blow up lots of stuff and fight bosses, upgrade your ship's weaponry and learn the fate of our main character Plyos (the blue guy), against the might villain Mot (the red guy)and his Red Beasty Army! 

And so the story goes something like this:
One year after the end of the war and surrender to the Red Beasties leader Mot, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the queen and her most skilled and ferocious guard, Pylos, is revealed. In this epic story of loyalty and betrayal, our journey begins at Red Prison where the Red Beasty army keeps their hostages of war. Here begins The Escape!

I plan on making roughly a new Chapter of game play a month along with bug fixes and enhancements. This game will evolve nicely over time and for that I am truly excited!! I hope everyone likes the game and continues to submit feedback, as I do actually read every single piece of feedback and look for ways to improve based on it.  

In this game, I decided to bring in some live bands, and I got some really great tunes!!
Special thanks to: 

and Matt Davis of Baltimore's 98 Rock Radio show

I made a game trailer for each of the bands that can be found on my youtube channel

Here's the Megosh version.