Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ninja Birds

Ninja Birds was released a few months ago it's been the most successful game of my three games, in terms of ranking and downloads. That's fantastic! This game was literally inspired by a nature war in my front yard one morning. My three young children woke me up early in the morning, rushed me to the front window, and pointed frantically!!! "Daddy, look at that!" In the front yard was a bunny and all around this bunny were 6 black crows! These crows took turns sneaking up on the bunny and pecking him. The bunny to everyone's surprise, held his own and actually defended himself from the onslaught of birds.

My kids love to come up with game ideas, and so they proceeded to tell me all about my next game. My 6 year old came up with the name Ninja Birds, and my 8 year old Ninja Bunny. Knowing full well that Angry Birds was about to release on WP7, I knew which name was going to win this naming contest.

So I sat the kids down and started writing out the requirements based on their ideas. About a month later, the game was ready for release. The kids tested and gave me the thumbs up. Ninja Birds was born!!

After a few updates the major kinks were worked out and now Ninja Birds sits just inside the top 100 free games in the US. It actually peaked at #4 in India which was a very nice surprise!!

I plan to have a new update out in October 2011.