Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ninja Birds

Ninja Birds was released a few months ago it's been the most successful game of my three games, in terms of ranking and downloads. That's fantastic! This game was literally inspired by a nature war in my front yard one morning. My three young children woke me up early in the morning, rushed me to the front window, and pointed frantically!!! "Daddy, look at that!" In the front yard was a bunny and all around this bunny were 6 black crows! These crows took turns sneaking up on the bunny and pecking him. The bunny to everyone's surprise, held his own and actually defended himself from the onslaught of birds.

My kids love to come up with game ideas, and so they proceeded to tell me all about my next game. My 6 year old came up with the name Ninja Birds, and my 8 year old Ninja Bunny. Knowing full well that Angry Birds was about to release on WP7, I knew which name was going to win this naming contest.

So I sat the kids down and started writing out the requirements based on their ideas. About a month later, the game was ready for release. The kids tested and gave me the thumbs up. Ninja Birds was born!!

After a few updates the major kinks were worked out and now Ninja Birds sits just inside the top 100 free games in the US. It actually peaked at #4 in India which was a very nice surprise!!

I plan to have a new update out in October 2011.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spitballer Ambushes the Cafeteria!!!

It's been a little over a month since Spitballer began ambushing your office place, now it's time for an assault on the cafeteria!! You have your choice of Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard and BBQ sauce as your ammo...Thats right folks!! Ketchup splat to the face!!!! HAHAHA!! In this level you can run out of ammo and need to press and hold down on your choice of condiment until your ammo cups fill up. This has made the game much harder and more fun!!

I'm really excited about this release because it's the first update I've made to a game after gaining a decent install number. At the time of this writing, Spitballer FREE has just over 3500 downloads. I've been reading the blog by Occasional Gamer, Elbert Perez,
about updating your games and how that drives your impressions/revenue in a positive direction, and have seen his numbers which are fantastic! Now I'm nowhere near there, but feel like I have a decent start and hope to get some kind of spike in the next few days from Spitballer. Really, it will give me some hope that this process does work over time. I'll post the results next week sometime.

On a good note, after the release of my second game, Bubble Bee, the daily revenue has increased by 217%. Thats a great increase, but to bring it back into perspective we're talking about $1/day to $3/day. But hey! We all gotta start somewhere. Check back in a week or so, to see the results of the Spitballer update.

Let me chat about the website for a moment. I went with godaddy which may have been a mistake. I'm still not sure, but what I can say is that the cost of godaddy IMO is not worth it right now as I'm barely making any real revenue as it is. So I may be letting that go once it expires...In the meantime, I am meaning to take down the silverlight components which dont even work on the phone browsers (sorry about that). I should have known better when my customers are on phone and probably likely to hit that site with their phone. I had just learned silverlight and was eager to try it out.

I do want to eventually get a global leaderboard setup, so I'll need to figure the hosting issue out eventually. If anyone has a good idea about cheap or free hosting please let me know. I really just want the DB, not necessarily a web site.

And a huge lessoned learned about being in a huge hurry to release a game and getting too close to the submit game button. A few of my early Bubble Bee customers must have thought the game was broken or they were just really awesome when they popped their first bubble and moved all the way to level 4. That was one of those moments where it was late and I was testing the levels to make sure they did in fact advance, so naturally I had the levels set to move on after one bubble pop. Well, after testing and in my huge hurry I hit submit and sent the game on it's way. Sometime in the middle of the night while I was sleeping it hit me!!! NOOOOO!!!!! So I literally waited until the game was published and immediately resubmitted the correct version. Fortunately the testing was completed in a few short hours and the damage was kept to a minimum.

So this week I got to do a WP7 presentation at my day job on how to make a game. I demo'd the very beginning stages of Bubble Bee and gave a short tour of the App Hup web site. That was pretty fun teaching .NET developers who have years and years more experience than I how to make a game. I think I did pretty well answering all their questions, so it was a good experience.

So, now what? I'm always considering the port to Android as I already have Java experience, or perhaps just keep the momentum going with a new game for WP7. So many ideas and so little time!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spitballer Now on Windows Phone 7

Tag your unsuspecting coworkers in an all out spitball ambush. Just don't hit the boss or you'll be fired on the spot! The boss is also very protective of his massive collection of staplers, so dont take them. Don't like paperwork? Crumple up the paperwork to use for ammo.
You can also light up your desk and cube walls with spitballs...That's fun all on it's own.

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